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The Staff 

The Hatfield ECI is a school that has been equipped with wonderful professionals as facilitators. The staff ranges from the culinary cook and the teachers.

The Principal

The principal of the institution is Mrs. Morsia Williams-Patten. She has been employed at the institution from 1992 and began her reign as a teacher. Up to this day, she still teaches the 5 to 6 age group at the school and hold the role of principal as well. She is a dedicated individual and has a passion for children. Her motto is "To strive for the holistic development of young children, getting them ready for more formal learning."    

The Secretary

The secretary and also age 3 to 4 teacher, is Mrs. Lurlyn Jathan. This wonderful teacher has been an employee at the institution from 1979. She has been praised by many on her remarkable success with the children she has under her supervision. Mrs. Jathan is a kind hearted individual and tend to have children gravitate to her. She has a pleasant a demeanor and has a heart of gold.   


Mrs. Nepal is the first teacher your child will be taught by. She has been a teacher at the school from 1994, and also has 5 children of her own. She has the skills and knowledge that allows her to cater to the needs of the tender hearts that enter her classroom.  

Teacher's Assistant

Ms. Yanique Wilson is the wonderful assistant that is present at the institution. She is a graduate of the Godfrey Stewart High School in the parish of Westmoreland. She is a pleasant individual and has a wonderful personality that tends to gravitate persons to her. The children love her dearly and she shows that great love right back. She is present at work daily and carries out her role as a teachers assistant well. She teaches at the institution and also helps the cook with the serving of meals when needed.    

The Culinary Cook 

The original cook that was at the institution was Mrs. V. Parchment. She was with the school for many years and the children loved her dearly. In 2010, Ms. V passed on from aliment. She is dearly missed.

The current cook is Mrs. P. Thompson. Mrs. Thompson is the now widowed wife of the main stakeholder of the institution, Mr. Ronald Thompson. She always been with the school and has been working closely with the teachers for a long time. Even after the passing of the beloved Ms. V, she decided to put a helping hand and take up the position of providing nutritional meals to the children.

The children love her dearly and each person is grateful to know that even though the institution has lost some great pioneers, she decided to still stand on the front line.    

The Chairman and Board Members

The staff also works wonderfully with the chairman and the school board. The board is mainly made up of past and present parents.

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