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ECI Curriculum

A teacher has to abide by a set guideline in education children. The guidelines are simply called a curriculum and it is set up mainly by the Ministry of Education in the country. An Early Childhood Institution also has it's teaching structure guided by a set curriculum. Before, the curriculum focused on getting the children to learn basics knowledge such as their names, basic scenarios in life, basic mathematical and english. This is what they would need to build on when they venture to primary school.

By the ending of 2009, the curriculum was changed to incorporate elements of learning such as music, spanish, a bit of science and computer study. I do understand that we would love our children to be rounded, but some of them already find it difficult to grasp the foundation elements that they need much less to venture into unchartered waters.

What are your views relating to the change in the curriculum and the impact that it has on the children? Do you think it is fair for the children to be crammed with all these additional information, when it is a known fact that at most primary schools they do not start doing these lessons until at least grade?

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