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Nurturing Children through Fun and Learning.

At HATFIELD ECI, we truly believe that an adjective environment is crucial to a child's development. Through a diverse and well-rounded schedule of activities, we achieve that every single day. You and your child are guaranteed to enjoy our games, crafts and lessons we plan for the day. We believe that learning should be fun and creative. When educating children, you have to take in consideration their learning ability and cater to their specific needs.

HATFIELD ECI was founded on the principle that we are more than just a school, we are a home away from home for the children. At HATFIELD ECI we strive to help your children acquire important skills that will help them throughout their lives. We will help your child to develop all he or she needs to grasp the basic concepts needed to start the learning process.

The school was founded in the year 1957 and was first located at Smithfield in the parish of Westmoreland. It was started by Miss Sheila Smith who was one of the earliest teachers at the school and was affectionately called Aunt Sheil by everyone. As the number of children grew, Mrs. Leonie Nepaul and Mrs. Lurlyn Jathan joined the staff. Stakeholders come and go but one that stood out was Mr. Ronald Thompson, who gave his all to the development of the school and as a community leader. Among these individuals the school started to become more popular and gave way for further development.

The school then moved to the Hatfield Wesleyan Holiness Church, in the neighbouring community, and after a short stay, to the Hatfield Community Centre. The school whilst at this location gained much popularity. Two other teachers were then employed at the institution, Mrs. Patten, and Mrs. Nepaul. Aunt Sheil retired leaving the tree current teachers Mrs. Patten, Mrs. L. Jathan and Mrs. Nepaul teaching class 3, 2 and 1 respectively, and Miss Y. Wilson came on as an assistant teacher. One individual that came on board to work along with the teachers was Ms. V. She became the cook at the school and was with them until her passing in 2010. In 2001 school moved into a new building which was started by the Parent Teachers Association and completed by Lift Up Jamaica. The CHASE Foundation provided most of the furniture.


Hatfield District

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Mon - Fri: 8AM - 1:30PM

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